About Us

About Andiamo

We’re a different kind of recruiting firm and our data-driven approach is changing the game.

About Andiamo

Our firm provides companies and job-seekers a truly transformative experience – and in the process, we help build the world’s most innovative companies.

In an ever-evolving market, our success derives from our unique use of data along with high-level recruiting and relationship management, detailed industry knowledge, and a thorough understanding of our clients’ technology and business needs. With that in mind, we take a long-term view of our partner relationships.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our Values

These values are a part of our everyday lives at Andiamo. They provide a map for our actions and drive our decisions.

We recognize that to stand out as truly different in our industry that it's essential that we continuously wow our clients, candidates, and each other by exceeding expectations. We treat everyone we encounter along our journey with kindness and respect; not only because it makes life more enjoyable, but also because it makes good business sense.

We do the essential fundamentals extraordinarily well, embracing a less-but-better approach. We prioritize and focus our energy on the core areas where we can be the best in the world.

There is a direct relationship between happiness and success - we believe that if we truly enjoy our work, act with creativity and autonomy, have fun every day and view our work as an engaging game, that ultimately we'll find the most success. We take our work seriously and we’re proud of our accomplishments, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously - and we have more fun.

We embody an entrepreneurial spirit which emphasizes corporate agility, a flat structure with no bureaucracy, diversity and diversification, promoting leadership from within, embracing great ideas from any source, failure and growth, and playing by our own rules.

We possess the courage, resolve, and strength of character to persist in the face of challenge. Our success is a result of our optimism and enduring tenacity.

We value the power of setting and working to achieve audacious goals which are specific, measurable, time-based and realistic objectives that bring out our focused best. Each employee has a unique set of personal and professional goals, supported by company resources and guidance by management. Collectively we share short-term objectives as well as an awesome long-term vision for the industry.

Our Trusted Partners

Our Trusted Partners

Our strategic alliances illustrate the high level of trust our clients place in the quality of or services. Together, we help to build the best technology teams at the world’s most innovative companies.

Andiamo Trusted Partners Bloomberg
Andiamo Trusted Partners Haven Technologies
Andiamo Trusted Partners Amazon
Andiamo Trusted Partners Peloton
Andiamo Trusted Partners Goldman Sachs
Andiamo Trusted Partners Rockstar Games
Andiamo Trusted Partners Daily Harvest
Andiamo Trusted Partner Wayfair