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Building strategic partnerships
to create ground breaking technology

Our Trusted Partners

Our strategic alliances illustrate the high level of trust our clients place in the quality of or services. Together, we help to build the best technology teams at the world’s most innovative companies.

Andiamo Trusted Partners Bloomberg
Andiamo Trusted Partners Haven Technologies
Andiamo Trusted Partners Amazon
Andiamo Trusted Partners Peloton
Andiamo Trusted Partners Rockstar Games
Andiamo Trusted Partners Daily Harvest
Andiamo Trusted Partner Wayfair


We’re with you for the long haul. We build long-standing, mutually trusting and beneficial relationships. We take on new clients to the extent that we’re able to provide them with the same careful, thorough care we show our long-term partners, firms we’ve been with since the naissance of our organization.


Vice President, Technology Recruiting

“I would highly recommend Andiamo to anyone! They have been our best vendor for over 8 years. They’re dependable and have high integrity. Not only do they understand us, but they present candidates in a way that helps us understand the whole picture – motivations, compensation, relevant skills, etc. ”


Senior Technology Recruiter

“I have worked with Andiamo while in my last two firms and they have always done a great job. This is the most impressive due to the fact that they have been successful in both the financial and technology industries. I would highly recommend Andiamo.”


Senior HR Manager

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Andiamo for nearly 10 years. They have been able to respond to my business needs on a moment’s notice and provide great insight to help me and my customers perform better. I would recommend Andiamo to any business.”

Andiamo-Trusted-Partner-Red Hat

Director of Engineering

“Andiamo has been our top recruiting partner for the last few years, helping us f ind strong engineerings for niche roles within our organization. Recently, we have switched over to their Diversity Recruiting model and have had a consistent pipline of diverse engineers to engage with.”

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