Our Diversity Mission

Why Diversity in Tech Matters

Racial Inequality
is Real

Tech is predominantly white. Companies report that their teams are at least  71% white.

Gender Imbalance

More than half of tech employers report that women make up less than 20% of their workforce.

BIPOC Professionals Lack Representation

Black professionals make up less than 8% of the total IT workforce and 67%of tech companies have under 5% Black representation. Indigenous and Native American employees fare even worse, making up less than 1%.

It Gets Worse
at the Top

When you look at leadership in the tech industry, at least 80% of leadership teams are compromised of only men.  There are more  S&P 500 CEOs named John (5.3%) than there are total female CEOs (4.1%).

Our Mission


Build More Diverse Tech Teams

We specialize in creating and delivering custom diversity recruiting solutions to help industry-leading startups and large public tech firms scale their tech divisions.


Break Down Barriers in Tech

As the leading diversity & inclusion search firm, we help clients discover and attract diverse technology talent, create robust talent pipelines, and build creative, innovative and inclusive technology teams.


Create Inclusion & Belonging

By recognizing and listening to our clients’ commitment to creating inclusive workplaces, we are confident that we will help shape an inclusive and dynamic work environment.

Inclusion in Tech

We’re working to create a more supportive and inclusive community in tech. One where everyone is welcome, comfortable, and works together to push innovation and achieve greatness.


Almost 90% of tech employees say feeling respected and valued by peers and managers is important.


36% of black employees do not feel supported by their colleagues and managers.


Before 2020, only 11% of tech companies had dedicated DEI staff.

Our Services

Dedicated Recruiting

Our Dedicated Recruitment Model offers full-time dedicated technology Recruiters and Research Analysts to focus exclusively on your company’s unique hiring challenges. Our model is customizable and scalable to support your talent acquisition team.


Best-in-class technology staffing solutions. Our staff augmentation model provides scalable flexibility for your projects, strategic initiatives, and one-off hiring needs. Our industry-leading recruiters work closely with your hiring teams and HR to achieve your hiring goals.


Dedicated teams of certified diversity recruiting experts providing a pipeline of high-caliber candidates from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds. Our success arrives at the cross-section of innovation and inclusion.


Recruiting solutions helping technology driven companies gain access to high-quality, thoroughly vetted technology candidates. 

Our experienced recruiters will work closely with you to find you the right talent.

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From globally recognized brands to agile startups, we partner with cutting-edge companies
to discover and engage with and hire the world’s best technologists.

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