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Andiamo is comprised of exceptionally talented and experienced Research Analysts, Data Analysts, Managers, and Recruiters. Get to know us a little bit better by checking out our profiles below.

Andiamo - Matthew King

Matthew King

Finance Associate

New York, NY


“Just take it easy, man.” – The Dude (The Big Lebowski, 1998)


Bowling Green State University, Finance


Andiamo - Aaron Greene

Aaron Greene

Digital Marketing Manager

New York, NY


“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro” – Hunter S. Thompson


Northeastern State University,


Andiamo - Tristan Weigelt

Tristan Weigelt

Technology Talent Acquisition Specialist

New York, NY


I am a University of Pennsylvania graduate who has had a love for all things technology ever since I was a kid.


Learning Sciences and Technologies


Andiamo - Matt Cassell

Matt Cassell

Partner, Senior Recruiting Manager

New York, NY


Technology Talent Acquisition Specialist

Life is like walking the wrong direction on a moving sidewalk. Walk and you stay put, stand still and you go backwards. To get ahead, you have to hustle.


Elon University, Finance


Andiamo - Alex Nevins

Alex Nevins

Technology Recruiter & Account Manager

New York, NY


Alex loves meeting new people and understands the importance of a meaningful career in regards to individual happiness.

Vanderbilt University, Communication Studies and Corporate Strategy


Andiamo - Benjamin Mahon

Benjamin Mahon

Technology Recruiter & Account Manager

Austin, TX


“I regret nothing. The End.” – Ron Swanson


University of Southern California, B.A. Communication


Andiamo - Adam Roth

Adam Roth

Sr. Technology Recruiter & Account Manager

New York, NY


Bringing a genuine and honest approach to recruitment.


Boston University, Communications


Andiamo - Jake Silverstein

Jake Silverstein

Account Manager & Technology Recruiter

New York, NY


Jake is excited to be a member of the Andiamo team and loves learning from this inspiring group!


Northwestern University, International Studies and History

Andiamo - Betsy Kuhns

Betsy Kuhns

Technology Recruiter & Account Manager

Austin, TX


“I regret nothing. The End.” – Ron Swanson


Lehigh University, Psychology
Lehigh University, Management


Andiamo - Ben Woll

Ben Woll

Partner, Recruiting Manager

New York, NY


It’s easy to feel good about our work here.


University of Michigan, B.B.A Political Science