Utilizing a Dedicated Recruiting RPO

A Dedicated Recruiting RPO is a cost-effective option for organizations when compared to traditional in-house recruitment methods or traditional agency spend. Here are five ways in which our RPO can save your organization money, while securing the hires you need. 


Ways to Save Your Organization Money


Reduced Overhead Costs

When your organization outsources its recruitment processes to a Dedicated Recruiting RPO, it eliminates the need to hire and maintain a large in-house recruitment team. This results in significant cost savings related to salaries, benefits, personnel management, recruiting tools, and other overhead expenses associated with an internal team.


Scalable Pricing

A Dedicated Recruiting RPO has a fixed monthly cost per resource that is inclusive of all services providedThe recruiting resources your organization utilizes can be tailored to match your current hiring needs, with the ability to scale up or down as needed Your organization will only pay for the services you are currently using, making it more cost-efficient during periods of high or low hiring activity.


Reduced Traditional Agency Spend

A Dedicated Recruiting RPO team can reduce the costs associated with traditional agency contingent hiring fees. Based on the average contingency fee compared to the average hires per month in our fixed monthly cost model, Andiamo’s RPO can save your organization up to 75% per hire.


Access to Advanced Technology & Resources

A Dedicated Recruiting RPO solution pricing model includes cutting-edge recruitment technology, tools, and resources allowing your organization to avoid the upfront costs of purchasing and maintaining these platforms in-house.  


Streamlined Processes

A Dedicated Recruiting RPO team will be experienced and ready to recruit on the first day of your engagement, providing immediate value. This efficiency reduces the time it takes to fill positions, lowers costs associated with prolonged vacanciesas well as reducing the costs and time associated with building out an internal recruiting team.


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